Senior Personal Care

Senior Personal Care in Tri-County Cincinnati

ComForCare provides senior personal care services to individuals in Butler County, OH, including Mason, West Chester, Sharonville, Loveland, Evendale, Hamilton, Liberty Township and surrounding areas. Senior personal care needs take on a new level of difficulty when Butler County individuals become physically or cognitively impaired. Family members often strive to provide the assistance that their loved ones need. Our kindhearted caregivers will provide a helping hand for clients that can be a huge relief for seniors and their loved ones. 

ComForCare senior care services starts by having an RN assess the client’s condition and provide expert advice for care. Although we do not provide medical assistance, our Butler County, OH, caregivers can seek medical assistance when needed and help with senior personal care needs. These needs may vary from patient to patient, and our home care professionals structure patient care according to both perceived and stated needs. To ensure that the senior personal care plan is right for patients and all close family members, ComForCare caregivers meet with all involved parties and discuss the plan prior to implementing the senior personal care services. With ComForCare senior care services, clients and their families can rest assured that each individuals unique needs are being taken care of. 

Personal Hygiene

Helping with personal hygiene needs can be uncomfortable for both clients and family members. There is often a degree of emotional distress that comes with needing assistance with personal hygiene needs. Our caregivers are professional, and can help relieve some of this discomfort by handling these needs with the utmost respect and discretion. 

Personal hygiene needs that caregivers may provide assistance with include:
  • Incontinence care
  • Basic tooth care
  • Skin care
  • Clipping and filing fingernails and toenails
  • Bathing
  • Hair care
  • Dressing 
  • Washing linens 

Cognitive Impairments

Cognitive impairments such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injuries may require specialized treatment methods. Our caregivers receive extensive training on helping with senior personal care needs for patients with these types of impairments. Caregivers can provide home assessments to reduce risk factors and set up daily routines that will help patients to regain or retain cognitive abilities. Caregivers will also strive to create positive emotional experiences for patients. Research has shown that positive emotional experiences can help to minimize the incidence of negative behaviors and can have a beneficial impact on emotional health.

Senior Companionship Services

Emotional relationships can have a huge effect on a patient’s quality of life. Many patients in Loveland, Liberty Township, Mason, Sharonville, West Chester, Loveland, Evendale, and Hamilton do not have family members in Butler County, OH or surrounding areas, which can become lonely. Our compassionate caregivers are happy to be there to support patients and provide senior companionship services. Clients may enjoy card games, watching movies, or many other leisurely activities that caregivers are happy to indulge and participate in. 

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