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See what ComForcare clients in Mountainside are saying about their caregivers.

"I feel very fortunate that we knew Gary and Elaine Raymond (owners of ComForcare Home Care in Mountainside, NJ) socially and were able to turn to them for advice and help during a very difficult time with my 95-year-old mother. She had been living ‘independently” in assisted living with mild dementia when she was hospitalized for two weeks with an infection. While she recovered from the infection, being in the hospital adversely affected her dementia and we wanted to avoid the additional trauma of time away from “home” in a rehab facility....We are so grateful to the Raymonds for responding so quickly and for recognizing just what was needed and who could best fill that need"  Read the rest of the testimonial here.

My name is Roz Swiney and I am a writer with Business Review Services. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gary Raymond, owner of ComForcare Home Services in Union County NJ. My position allows me to work with many different business owners in over 15 states. I felt compelled to express my experience in working with Mr. Raymond due to his professionalism, courteousness, thoroughness, and, something that really stands out for me, honoring his word and commitments. It’s refreshing in today’s world to make the acquaintance of a Pro’s Pro and I look forward to a long working relationship with him and his company.  See Review on Yahoo.

"My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the excellent and
immediate care you provided last week, on such incredibly short notice
when I had to go into the hospital.  I can say unequivocally that I
could not have gone with ease and could never had made such immediate
progress without you.  I hope you claim for yourselves the satisfaction
that comes with knowing you are not among, you ARE by far, the best in
terms of competency and caring!"

Lynne and Peter K.

"Janet was sent by ComForcare to work in our home for our 93 year old
mother.  We appreciated that Janet arrived at our home every day a few
minues before she was scheduled to begin.  She was enthusiastic and
kind.  We especially appreciated her gentleness as she helped our mother
who was frail.  She knew how to turn an elderly patient so that a bed
sore would heal and would not become worse.  We were grateful for this."

Marai S.

"From the first time I introduced ComForcare to my Dad, I could tell
that you would be able to help him.  We noticed an improvement in his
attitude and he told us often how nice you are.  You were able to spend
time with him and bring him out of his shell.  We were concerned about
finding the right person to assist with my Dad due to the fact that his
wife recently passed away and his physical condition and memory were
deteriorating.  He was also withdrawing from activities and involvement
with others.  It is so obvious that you enjoy that kind of work you are
Debra J.

"I want to let you know how pleased our family and I are to be involved
with ComForcare. The reliability and professionalism of your services
and staff is highly commendable.  Of all the staff you have sent
at one or another to our household, we have had far more exposure to
M________. She especially is highly competent and professional, takes
initiative, and offers to help other caregivers when possible. She's
also made herself part of the family, which is exactly what we want all
the caregivers to do."

Bob G.

"I just wanted to write and thank you all for the caring and
professional manner in which you managed my father's care from beginning
to end.  You answered all of our questions - even the ones that we had
not thought of yet.  We took a collective breath - something we hadn't
been able to do for some time - because your agency was on the job. 
There were many people in the house that day your caregiver came.  He
was not flustered and never missed a beat - just as if he had always
been there.  When your caregiver came, there was an immediate sense of
calm in the house.

I cannot express our deep gratitude for all that your caregiver did
for my father and for us.  His experience and professionalism were
undeniable.  He knew when to speak up and when to step in, and was
steadfast in his focus of caring for my Dad which for him meant many
nights without sleep.  Your caregiver was always respectful of our
wishes, and of our unending questions and comments on my father's daily
condition - which sometimes changed by the hour.  I have spoken of the great service that your agency provided to our
family several times since then, and will continue to recommend you. 
Thank you for everything and best wishes for continued success." 

Jeanne G.

"Thank you for your kind words.  Ann was blessed with the kind and
caring companionship and attention of B. during her last few days and I
know that it meant a lot to her. Throughout the past year, I was pleased
with all of the caregivers who helped Ann who -- as you know -- could
sometimes be quite a challenge.   Again, many thanks for all of your
attention given to Ann over the past year."

Cindy M.

"Thank you for providing a valuable service to my mom and dad the
past 2 1/2 years.  This allowed my parents the comfort of staying in
their own home.  It was reassuring to know that we could count
on ComForcare to be reliable and dependable. If a problem did arise, you
responded to it promptly and in a caring way. The aides were
professional, but friendly.  They were always respectful of my parents
and provided them great care.  There was a very nice rapport between the
aides and my parents.

We look forward to the continued relationship with ComForcare as you
provide support to my mom.  We are most grateful to both of you, as well
as to the aides!"

Bob and Isie R.

"Thank you for your kind words and for sending my mom that beautiful
edible fruit basket.  Both were so thoughtful.  Eric will go to my mom's
this week and make sure the bill gets paid.  Thank you for all of your
help.  I knew from the first time I spoke to you, ComForcare was the
right choice."

Alisa W.


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