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Meet the Owner

Bruce Lee, owner of ComForCare Northern Utah

Bruce Lee

Podcaster, Volunteer, Doer

“We’re in it to change lives.”

Lifestyle Is Important

The beginning of any lifestyle transition can be overwhelming. Many of our clients’ families come to us not knowing what the first step is, let alone any of the decisions that must be made when caring for their aging loved ones. That’s where we come in. We want to be the ones to help correct course and open the doors for you. When we are able to do that and be the reason clients or clients’ families are able to live the life they choose, I am beside myself. That’s what this is about. It’s more than just a business for me. It’s something much greater.

My Most Memorable Moment

I love seeing the world reopen for my clients. I had one client whose spouse had passed away years ago. They were alone and left to tend to their farm animals and fruit trees. Unfortunately, the client was too afraid to go outside lest they fall down and not have anyone there to help. It had happened before and left the client too fearful to enjoy the outdoors. When we were able to provide services, the world opened back up for them. The client still comes by our office to bring us caramel apples. We were able to give that person a better life.

Credentials and Education

● Bachelor’s in marketing from Utah State University
● Master’s in business administration from Utah State University
● Chair-elect for the board of directors of the Cache Chamber of Commerce
● Co-host of radio show, “Senior Moments” on KVNU 610 AM, 102.1 FM

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