Senior Personal Care

Senior Personal Care in West Hollywood, CA

Receiving in-home senior personal care can help seniors to enjoy greater freedom than is possible in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Seniors are free to create their own daily routines and live with beloved family members and pets. ComForCare can help seniors to continue to live in the comfort of home and can enhance their experiences by providing transportation and assistance to outings and social events in the West Hollywood area, as well as helping with regular daily needs.

Transition of Care

The days and weeks following release from a hospital or medical facility after a medical event or injury can be a difficult time. Senior personal care assistance may be needed with daily tasks as seniors adjust to new medications and needs. Seniors may also need help moving medical equipment and keeping track of newly prescribed medications and treatments. ComForCare caregivers are highly skilled at providing transition of care services. Caregivers can help to prepare homes for clients’ arrival and can provide as much aid as needed while seniors adapt to new daily routines. 

Condition Management

Condition management needs may vary, but often include help with medications, some sort of therapeutic exercise, and dietary changes. ComForCare caregivers are professionals when it comes to providing help with these senior personal care needs. Caregivers will carefully follow advice given by medical professionals, while being sensitive to the preferences of clients. With help, most conditions can be managed so that seniors are still able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Incontinence Care

Caregivers are professional and discreet when helping clients with incontinence care. ComForCare caregivers understand the emotional impact of embarrassing accidents and will help seniors to avoid these situations by putting an incontinence care plan in place. When incontinence is properly managed, seniors can feel more comfortable participating in activities, which can greatly improve the quality of life. 

Senior Companionship

The need for companionship and socialization is just as important as the need for assistance with senior personal care. Caregivers will help seniors to receive just the right amount of companionship and socialization by talking to clients to determine their personalities and preferences. Seniors that are more active and social may wish to visit local attractions and attend events in the West Hollywood area.

Seniors that have mobility limitations or are shyer may wish to simply sit with a caregiver or close friends in the home and play games or watch movies. Caregivers will pay special attention to the emotions of seniors to make sure that experiences are positive and enjoyable.

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