Caregiver Support

A support group can help people cope with their unique situation. Those who participate in a support group report feeling less alone, better prepared deal with challenges and more hopeful about the future.

DementiaWise Family Caregiver Support Group teaches members techniques and strategies to care for a loved one and for themselves.

Support group members:

• Share their feelings, needs and concerns
• Exchange practical information on caregiving problems and possible solutions
• Learn about resources available in the community 

DementiaWise Family Support Groups are facilitated by specially-trained dementia care educators. There is no cost to participate.

The letter below was written by a woman whose mother was showing signs of dementia. She attended a DementiaWise Support Group in Burnsville, MN.

Hi Steve,

I am writing this to say Thank You. Last November 2015 I attended your class on dementia with my friend. My mom was suffering from dementia and I was having such a hard time trying to figure out how to cope with and understand what was happening. Your class was a God send to me. I was able to understand that she needed to feel like she had a purpose and that she was living in an earlier time. It was so much easier to be patient with her and enjoy my mom again. I had my moments of frustration, but for the most part it was so much better.

My mom passed away on November 25, the day after Thanksgiving from pancreatic cancer. She was pretty much unaware of what was happening because she'd forget she had cancer.  We only had six weeks with her from diagnosis.  I am so grateful to you and the class for making the last year I would have with her one of appreciation and love for mom. I would have lived with so much regret if I had not had the tools to cope and just enjoy her. Thank you for the valuable service you provide. I tell others I know who are struggling with a loved one about it. In fact, my dad and sisters attended your workshop you held at the BBB in Burnsville June 2016 and were so glad they did.  Thank you again for the immeasurable gift you gave me and my mom.


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