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Senior Home Care in Waukesha

Seniors in the Mukwonago, New Berlin and Muskego area of Wisconsin now have the option to receive first-rate senior home care services from ComForCare. Our compassionate staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a live person will always pick up the phone. Receiving home care services is quickly growing in popularity as seniors choose to “age in place” now more than ever. Home care services allow patients to continue to live in their own comfortable surroundings but receive the helping hand that makes it easy to stay independent and active. 

Home Care Help 

Tasks such as dishes, laundry, and salting driveways may become difficult and even hazardous for patients that suffer from physical disabilities and other conditions. Having a caregiver help with these small tasks can take an incredible burden off of both patients and their family members. This frees patients up to focus on their health and happiness.

Senior Transportation

Transportation can become treacherous during the icy winter months in Wisconsin. Our caregivers are happy to provide senior transportation for patients to run errands and enjoy activities outside of the home. Having assistance with senior transportation is much safer for patients, as there is someone to help mitigate fall hazards and assist with mobility. Getting out of the home for a few hours can also be a much needed mental break for patients that spend most of their time at home. 

Family Respite

Family members typically become the primary caregivers when age or infirmity causes seniors to require assistance. While family members know their loved ones best, having a caregiver step in can provide family respite that allows family members to rest and focus on enjoying life and the company of their loved one. This can also reduce strain on the patient and sometimes even improve the family dynamic. Family respite can also allow caregiving family members to take a well-deserved vacation.  

Dementia Care

Patients that have been diagnosed with dementia commonly have problems with memory and may become confused. Our caregivers in the Mukwonago, Muskego, and New Berlin area receive extensive training on dementia care that can be very beneficial to patients. Home care experts will provide reminders for medication and devise systems to help patients strengthen memory and other cognitive functions that may be affected by the disease. Caregivers will also evaluate the patient’s home set up and provide suggestions that may decrease dementia hazards such as falls. Our goal is to provide all ComForCare patients with quality home care that allows them to enjoy life to the fullest.

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